Jasco & AMC Consultants: a Smarter Way to Connect


A digital pioneer in their industry, AMC Consultants required an equally pioneering way to connect their global team. As a company that deals in collecting, preparing, and exchanging critical information for their customers, they needed a reliable, secure, and flexible way to bring their people together across the continents.

The company was exploring ways of simplifying management, how their people work, and reducing on-premise infrastructure and ongoing costs of maintaining them. As the company’s existing PBX infrastructure approached end-of-life with the cessation of ISDN services across Australia, AMC Consultants was looking to reinvest in a platform that could improve internal communications.

About AMC Consultants

For over 30 years, AMC Consultants has helped mining leaders all over the world ‘evaluate opportunities, solve hidden productivity challenges, and improve performance across the mining cycle.’ They operate in and deploy teams of experts to over 111 countries across six continents.


Unearthing smarter ways to mine is more than a tagline for the company – every report they produce is underpinned by cutting-edge tools for data-driven reporting and advice, to help uncover hidden business value and maximise mine potential for their customers.


Industry: Mining

Company size: 350+

Learn More: https://amcconsultants.com/


Increased efficiency on a global scale

Migration from Skype for Business to Microsoft Teams

Moving from on-premise infrasturcture to Microsoft Azure cloud


To deliver the solution that would best fit the unique business needs of AMC Consultants, Jasco Consulting worked with AMC consulting and encouraged Telstra Calling for Office 365, a cloud-based, scalable, flexible, and easy-to-manage solution. This comes with Skype for Business features such as corporate instant messaging, Federation with Skype users, Outlook-Integrated Presence indicators, and Audio and Video Conferencing. Users can communicate and collaborate with their colleagues from their PCs and smartphones via their headsets, or over their specially configured Polycom conferencing equipment.

“With an incorporated phone system, Skype for Business Online with Telstra Calling for Office 365 allows us to make and receive telephone calls from virtually anywhere, even on the go—making it invaluable for our teams constantly moving across local and international sites,” said Hayden Burn, Global Technology Manager at AMC Consultants

Microsoft Teams has also enabled more seamless communication and collaboration experiences within the organisation, as well as with their partners and customers. Teams combined audio and video calling, file sharing, instant messaging, and desktop sharing capabilities to make working together almost effortless even for users located across continents.


With Jasco’s expertise, AMC Consultants was empowered with a platform that could transform the way their teams communicate and collaborate, as well as how their business operates.


The visibility capability of the solution is helping the company with operational efficiency—connecting teams better by allowing them to see and talk to whom they need, at the moment they need it. With their operations spanning the globe, AMC Consultants can now maximise the hours when their workdays overlap.

With the reduction of on-premise infrastructure requirements and shift to a cloud service, the company also lowered the ongoing maintenance costs traditional PBX systems required.


Telstra Calling for Office 365 has freed the company from the effort and expense of maintaining a physical PABX with separate ISDN and/or SIP services. And because the solution is scalable, it can adapt to the changing needs of AMC Consultants, now and into the future.


It certainly feels like we have more control and flexibility now,” shared Hayden. “It’s easier to arrange conferences, bring people and customers into the call, and even divert calls to voicemail instead of just completely missing them when the users log off.” “The presence feature really helps with the reception staff to see the status of the consultants, if they are on a call, in a meeting, out for lunch, or working from home.

Supporting Statements

“Jasco helped us set up a standard IVR across the office and this gives a better impression and experience for our customers calling in. We can work more efficiently and get things to the customers in a more professional manner. The transition was pretty seamless and painless. Jasco handled the migration well and helped us overcome the issues we had in the backend. If we stuck with our old systems, we would’ve just left ourselves with high workloads, high costs and in high operational risk. With a solution like Telstra Calling for Office 365, we have the control and flexibility that makes us confident as we expand to other regions.”

Hayden Burn, Global Technology Manager

AMC Consultants


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