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Early June 2021 Teams Updates

June 1, 2021

In June’s updates for Microsoft Teams, the Teams unit at Microsoft have continued to work on boosting productivity and efficiency for its users. Creating a simple and effective hybrid work environment with the right collaboration tools ensures your business has the best chance of survival and growth potential. Microsoft is constantly evolving and updating the collaboration platform to help its users create, share, and build relationships. This month’s updates have focused on webinar and meeting efficiency, providing more control of your webinars and meetings.  

Presenter Mode 

 The first adaptation of presenter mode is now readily available which is called Standout. In this mode, the presenter will be a silhouette in front of the content. This helps with presentation effectiveness as the viewer no longer has to choose between looking at the presentation of the content, they can look at both with ease. Reporter and Side-by-side mode will be introduced later. 

 Large Meeting Support 

You are now able to hold meetings and webinars with up to 1,000 people which will include chats, polls, and live reactions. If this limit is exceeded Teams can facilitate 10,000 people in view-only experience and a broadcast mode of up to 20,000. 


Dynamic View 

This view is now readily available to all Teams users. The dynamic view arranges the elements of your meeting for a better visual experience. If a person joins or someone different speaks Teams will auto adjust to show maximum effectiveness for the meeting. 

Custom Attendee Registration 

You are now able to fully customize your attendee registration page for your meetings or webinars. Adding a personal question to learn more about your audience and the capability to add images or logos for branding purposes. 


Mac Sound Sharing 

Mac desktop users can now include their audio when sharing a window or their desktop in a Teams meeting. 

Break out Timer! 

You are now able to implement timers into your breakout room to ensure your staff are sticking to tight schedules which can promote productivity and getting the job done quickly. 

Call Merge 

Call Merge gives end users the capability to merge their active 1:1 call into another 1:1 or group call. For example, during a call with someone (or a group), you need to ask someone else a question. With this feature, you may add them directly into the first conversation seamlessly. 

Improved participant list 

The participant list is now broken out into three distinct sections: Lobby, Presenters, and Attendees. Attendees are sorted in alphabetical order and those who raise their hands are elevated to the top of the participant list. You are now also able to search participants by name or PSTN. 


Multiple Choice Quiz option for Microsoft Teams From Polls 

You are now able to launch a multiple-choice quiz in your Teams meeting. This can help keep the meeting interesting and promotes employee participation. 

If you need any help incorporating any of these features or for more advice on collaboration platforms reach out to our experts below. 

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