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Microsoft: Leaders in Endpoint Protection

May 25, 2021

In the global shift to working remotely, security has become a major focus for many organisations and ICT providers. For many years Microsoft has had baseline security features with the option for extra security. However, Microsoft is now taking a modernised step to including basic security features as a standard and a minimum in many packages, due to the increased need to have secure operations.  

Thus, Microsoft has been striving to provide products and solutions that protect and secure organisations especially over the last year in such unprecedented conditions due to COVID-19. With remote working and hybrid environments becoming the new normal, Microsoft has been able to adapt their platform to ensure it is serving their customers globally, proving technology that is able to effectively detect sophisticated threats. 

Microsoft is aiming to prepare customers in an achievable yet rapid way to migrate to the cloud with security features that provide a scalable platform for organisations to build off. 

This year Gartner has put together a matrix explaining Endpoint Protection Platforms to help organisations further understand the need for security and to help them make better choices in deploying solutions. As shown below Microsoft has been placed in the “Leaders” quadrant, and according to Gartner, Leaders “have broad capabilities in advanced malware protection, and proven management capabilities for large enterprise accounts. Increasingly, Leaders provide holistic XDR platforms that allow customers to consolidate their other tools and adopt a single-vendor solution.” 

Microsoft has been aiming to improve the end-user experience and the overall safety of organisations that utilise endpoint security. 

Microsoft’s Defender 365 offers: 

  • Best of breed endpoint security 
  • Security for all devices and platforms 
  • Rapid assessment and constant improvement of security 
  • Extension of security capabilities with solution integration 


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