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Microsoft May 2021 Updates

May 5, 2021

Microsoft Teams is consistently evolving to ensure they are providing end-users with the best technology to facilitate hybrid or remote working. With vaccinations rolling out, and people returning into the office, a hybrid workplace is becoming increasingly popularMaximising time and efficiency through these latest updates enables you and your team to work productively whether it be in the office or at home. 

Breakout Room retention and participant reassignment 

Organisers can now reassign participants whilst rooms are open. Previously you were only able to move people when the rooms were closed. This feature enables organisers to be more efficient when handling staff and ensures the meetings can be maximising time. 

Producer Management in Teams Live events 

You can now manage a live event as a producer in a separate Teams window. You will be able to support the event with information or content, whilst still being able to collaborate in the meeting. 

Invite-only meeting options 

There is a new feature that will force those not originally invited to the meeting, to be sent straight to the lobby. As an example, if invitees forward the invite to another colleague to join, they will be sent straight to the lobby, so the organizer must allow them in. This will help keep meetings safer and ensure those who are not invited will not join. 

Custom Backgrounds on IOS  

You can now choose custom backgrounds for your Teams mobile experience on IOS devices. Ensure your background suits the tone of the meeting or shows your own personality through this choice. 

Teams mobile chat organiser 

You are now able to organize and pin certain conversations to the top of your chat list in Teams mobile. This ensures the people you speak with most frequently are at the top and can save time and energy trying to find them in an extensive list of contacts. 



Attendees and guests on mobile devices can now participate in Polls in Teams meetings. There are also now poll templates and suggestions that allow you to create polls with ease and analyse responses quickly. 

Enhanced meeting creation  

Teams have added extra security and compliance features by disabling old join linksPreviously, users could join on old Team’s meetings links, which will now expire after the meeting is rescheduled. 

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