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Microsoft April 2021 Updates

April 20, 2021

After the massive updates from Ignite 2021, we finally have some more changes coming to the Microsoft Teams platformMicrosoft is constantly updating to make users life easier, by enhancing the user experience, making it seamless and intuitive. Below we have recapped the latest updates and how they can help improve your efficiency at work. 

Live Transcription with speaker attribution 

Live transcriptions in meetings will allow you to follow and review the conversation alongside your meeting in real-time. It will help promote inclusivity for participants who may be hard of hearing, or for those who have various levels of language ability. People who join the meeting late can also scroll up and view what has been talked about previously, ensuring they do not miss a thing! 

Meeting Recap 

Catch up with ease! Located in the chat tab of the meeting, this feature enables teams to stay on track with their work and helps them move forward quickly after the meeting is over. This selection will include a meeting recording, transcript, chat, attached files, helping those who either joined late or missed the meeting 

Meeting links from the Teams calendar 

Users can now copy a Meet Now meeting link from the Calendar and share it out with others without starting the meeting. If you are in an email, chat, or channel conversation and agreed to meet at a certain time, this is an easy way to copy a meeting link and paste it into the conversation. 

New Lobby bypass options 

Lobby bypass can be a useful feature for any sort of meetingand this month there are new options for the meeting organizer to choose from. You can now allow people to bypass the lobby and have the possibility to choose between either “People in my organization” (which excludes guests) and “People in my organization, trusted organizations, and guests.” 



Dynamic Meeting experience for Android 

View content, speakers, and all attendees on one screen! People can now see up to 20 participants on mobile devices and up to 30 on tablets.  

Survivable Branch Appliance 

To support the most critical conversations in the event of an outage, a Survivable Branch Appliance (SBA) allows users to place and receive PSTN calls even in case of a network outage. During an outage, the Teams client switches to the SBA automatically and ongoing calls continue without interruptions and no user action is needed. Once the Teams client finds that network connectivity has been restored, normal call functionality is resumed, and any call data records are uploaded to the cloud. 

Meet now in Outlook 

You are now able to instantly start a meeting through the calendar tab in Outlook for Windows by clicking meet now.  



New File sharing experience 

Microsoft Teams have been able to streamline the process involved with file sharing. You are now able to create a shareable link for any file stored in Teams and set them with the right permissions 



Out of Office 

You are now able to let others know you are out of office by setting a status change. Additionally, you can create a status message that will send out and be synchronized with your outlook calendar. 

If you need help setting up any of these features or want to try out Microsoft Teams for your organisation, please reach out below to speak with one of our experts. 

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