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Microsoft Teams Security and Compliance

March 23, 2021

Microsoft Teams has made some changes to ensure you and your staff feel safer whilst working collaboratively. These updates will assist you to create compliance rules that suit your organisation, ensuring you stay ahead of the game.

Invite-Only Lobby Settings
Preventing uninvited participants from gaining access to meetings with Teams is easy with the new lobby settings available. Once the invite-only meeting option is applied by the organiser, any participant who wasn’t invited will be directed to the meeting lobby. Meeting organisers are also able to leverage the invite-only option, along with applying a do-not-forward setting to the Teams meeting, to prevent unauthorised participants from joining.

Chat Moderation Control
Organisers will be able to determine whether the meeting chat is enabled, disabled, or only enabled during the meeting. This feature will be most useful for larger organisations to ensure less congestion can occur.

Disable Attendee Video
Meeting organisers will also be able to disable the video of an individual or all attendees within a meeting. This safety feature, similar to hard mute, will keep meetings flowing and limit disruptions.

Co-authoring enabled in encrypted documents using Office Apps
This feature allows multiple authors to simultaneously edit a document using different OS platforms, as well as office apps and Teams. Now you can edit an Office document that has been encrypted using Microsoft’s Information Protection with auto-save capability. Sensitive documents will remain protected with the same sensitivity label and protection applied. This helps ensure that the content can only be decrypted by users authorised by the label’s encryption settings and it remains encrypted wherever its internal or external to the organisation. Once a document is protected by a sensitivity label with encryption, the document can be shared as an attachment or by sharing the document link all while remaining encrypted.

Safe Links
This feature through Microsoft Defender for Office 365 provides URL scanning and time-of-click verification of URL’s shared through Teams chat.

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