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Utilising Teams Mobile for Efficiency

March 16th, 2021

The hybrid workforce has created an opportunity for work to be done more efficiently on the go. Working on multiple devices has become the most productive way to keep staff on track, as they travel between the office and their home office. Often the laptop or PC is the first point of call for working online, however Microsoft is making it easier and easier to trust working off your phone. 

Microsoft Teams is everyone’s access to documents, calls, and conferences being a collaboration hub for the ages, with access that all on your handheld device makes it even better.  

The phone app has gone under constant updates to ensure it can handle the pressures of daily workof even the busiest employees. Whether it’s IOS or an Android device, Teams has the capability of enhancing collaboration and efficiency. Workers can now join from any location and even receive live updates of work and even If you lose the connection you can access files in offline mode. 

Using Teams on the phone is the next step to a more flexible workforceand here is just one aspect of how easy it is to incorporate into your work balance. 

These are the many ways you can join Teams meeting whilst on your mobile phone. 

Join by Link 

To get the best experience you should always download the Microsoft Teams app. If you have the app you can join by selecting the click here to join in the meeting invite.  

 If you don’t have Teams account, select Join as a guest and enter your name to join the meeting. Depending on how the meeting is created you may need to sign in with a Microsoft account. 


Join from calendar 

Select calendar on the bottom of the app to see all your meetings, from here you can find the meeting you want to access and select join. 

Join from a notification 

When a Teams meeting begins and you are included in it, you will get a notification that if selected will bring you straight to the meeting without having to find it in your calendar, you can simply click and join in. 

Join in a channel 

If a meeting is taking place within a channel you will receive and an invitation to join and you can easily select join.  

Join from Chat 

If the meeting or chat has already begun, it will appear in your recent chat list. After that, you can select join at the top of the chat window. 

Dial In 

Some meetings can let you dial in by a phone number if you are unable to use the Teams app. 

 If there is a phone number within the meeting invite you can select it to dial the number and the conference ID, after connecting you just need to press 1 to join. 

Join on multiple devices 

If you are already on a meeting on your laptop you can also join on your phone to show different content. Simply open the Teams app and a message on the screen will pop up to join. After joining your phone speaker will be muted to ensure no echoing occurs. 

If you would like to explore what Teams can do for the efficiency of your workplace, reach out below. 

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