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Remote Work with M365 E5

March 2nd, 2021

Hybrid work has created an environment that works extremely well for many employees, providing them with the option to work from home, the office, or whilst on the go. However, IT decision-makers are being asked to ensure staff are equipped with the tools to allow them to be productive and efficient regardless of their location. 

To support this movement, Microsoft’s E5 licensing plan ensures staff can work from anywhere whilst being able to access all cloud productivity applications safely and securely.  

With M365’s built-in apps like PowerPoint, Word, Excel, Outlook, SharePoint, and many more, your staff will be able to work on any task with ease. The E5 licensing also comes with security and threat protection capabilities that can be adapted to your business needs to ensure all your staff stay safe and protected from attacksIt also provides the ability to host advanced compliance opportunities to view detailed analytics from working insights and controlling how data can travel through your organisation means you have greater control over your IT environment. 

The E5 license also has cloud capabilities inbuilt which offers you access to OneDrive and Microsoft Stream which enables working from any device, creating a more flexible workflow for your employees. The ability to work on any device can positively affect productivity and the potentially the morale of staff.  

Microsoft Teams encourages collaboration between employees whilst having maximum efficiency capabilities. Having the ability to call, chat, share files, and much more makes this app the ultimate remote work necessity. 

For those with E5 licensing already in place, here are some new and exciting updates will help create a safe and secure environment for your E5 license employees.  

  • Microsoft TunnelA Virtual private network that extends conditional access to workers to use Android and IOS devices to remotely access on-premise data. 
  • Updated Endpoint ManagementAdding support for virtual desktops, kiosks, and shared devices 
  • Endpoint analyticshelping you understand how performance and health issues with your organisation’s hardware and software may be impacting your end-users productivity. Further, Endpoint analytics connects insights from Productivity Score with Microsoft Endpoint Manager to ensure everyone can do their best work with Microsoft 365. 
  • Microsoft 365 E5 helps foster a culture of collaboration while protecting company data, increasing employee satisfaction, and optimising the administration of security and management within your organisation. 


If you would like to save time and money, whilst providing your staff with a seamless hybrid working environment, reach out below to book in time to chat. 

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