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February Teams Updates

February 23, 2021

Microsoft Teams has the ability to allow your organisation to succeed through remote and hybrid working situations, ensuring your staff remains productive and efficient. Read more to find out how Teams has transformed this month to create a better user experience.


Approvals in Teams

Approvals enable everyone from corporate employees, to frontline workers to share approvals directly from your hub. You can easily start an approval flow from where you send a chat, in a channel, or from the approval’s app built into Teams. Simply select the approval type, add the details and files, and chose your approvers. After the approval has been submitted it can be reviewed and acted upon based on the request.

Chat Moderation Settings

Meeting organisers can now choose from three chat settings for meetings. Chat can be “disabled”, preventing any user to chat during the meeting. Alternatively, “only during the meeting” allows them to send it during the meeting, and finally, “enabled” allows for all meeting attendees to chat at any time.

Offline Autosend

Microsoft Teams can identify when your device goes offline without a network connection and will automatically send the information as soon as the device is back online.


Add a shared calendar to a Teams channel

You can create and share calendars with members of a specific channel. When meetings are created a new post will pop up within the channels activity feed. For those who have notifications turned off, it will only appear within the calendar section of the channel.

Include up to 10,000 users in an organisation-wide team

You can now communicate with up to 10,000 people within a single team, to ensure your communication stays consistent and streamlined.

Frontline Workers

Task publishing features

Corporate offices need the ability to better communicate with their front-line workers. Task publishing lets companies create tasks centrally at the corporate level and publish them to different locations, specific store layouts, or other customisable attributes. 

Mention by Shift

Tagging by shift enables you to reach the right people with efficiency and speed. Having the ability to search by a shift enables you to take the guesswork out of who’s on shift and communicate with ease.

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