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6 Tips to Successful and Safe Microsoft Teams Meetings

February 2nd, 2021

Hybrid and remote work are our main options when thinking about collaboration and virtual communication. With this shift to an online platform, it is important to ensure your safety and the safety of documents within your teams.

Microsoft Teams enables you to host virtual meetings, whether they are 1:1 or large groups, whilst having the ability to share documents and co-author securely simultaneously. Here are some features that will ensure your meetings and channels are as secure and efficient as possible.



Controlling Meeting Access

Meeting organisers can set up settings for specific meetings via the meeting options button in the calendar. From this point, organisers can decide who needs to be admitted to the meeting and who can bypass the lobby to join directly. Additionally, you can create roles where certain participants can join with a presenter role to present content to standard attendees.



Minimise Meeting Disruptions


To prevent meeting disruptions, intentional or accidental you have the ability as a meeting organisers to mute individual or all attendees. For larger meetings having the ability to ensure attendees can’t unmute themselves is another key feature when the meeting will be led by one main person and the rest of the audience listening in. This will overall minimize distraction and ensure no one is able to interrupt your meeting, even if they leave their mic on unintendedly.



Ending Meetings for everyone

As a meeting organizer you may need to end meetings at your discretion without allowing any attendees to remain in the meeting. This feature can be found in the dropdown section next to the leave button were you then click end meeting. This will finish the call for all attendees at once, rather than you just leaving.


Creating Private Channels

Sometimes it is necessary to share sensitive information within a team to a specified team member only. Rather than creating a new team, you can create a private channel within the existing team that is only accessible by the designated members. To create the channel go to the team and select more options then select add a channel. Under the privacy section chose private and add the specified member you would like to talk to.

Creating Teams with increased security

If there is any sensitive content stored or discussed within your team that you believe may be business sensitive, like financial details or classified project information, then it is best practice to apply protection to that team to ensure content security. This can be accomplished by creating a new team with an IT-created sensitivity label. When this feature is selected the sensitivity label will automatically apply to the entire team and protect that specific team.

Helping Protect Sensitive Data

Microsoft Teams supports data protection policies to help protect sensitive information from being accidentally or inadvertently shared. When collaborating in a Teams 1:1 or channel chat, you may have a message return as blocked if that message contains information that meets your organization’s sensitive information policy. If you do have a specific message blocked, you can click for more options and understand why the message was blocked due to policy considerations.  

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