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Teams meetings new year's Updates

January 12, 2021

Another year has come and gone and it’s time to get prepared for what 2021 has to offer. Microsoft Teams has the ability to allow your organisation to succeed through remote and hybrid working situations, ensuring your staff remains productive and efficient. There is plenty more to come this year for Teams but here are the New Year’s meeting updates to get you up to date.

Virtual Breakout Rooms

Breakout rooms allow meeting organisers to divide the meeting into small groups to conduct discussions or brainstorming activities. Organisers can jump between groups to check-in and bring everyone back to the main meeting. Any files that are produced during the breakout rooms are active and can be shared in the main meeting and in the meeting chat. 

Live Captions for 1:1 Meetings 

Whether you are in a noisy workplace, or just miss what is being said, live captions can make it easier to follow along in meetings 

End of Meeting Notifications 

Teams will now notify you when there are 5 minutes remaining in your meeting. This will help you stay on track and not go overtime unintentionally. 

Improvements to Video Playback 

Videos will now load 25% faster and have a 90% reduction in the time it takes for the video to start playing, ensuring an efficient experience for your meeting.  

Pre-joining Meeting Experience 

You no longer must search through the settings to adjust your audio and video settings before hopping into a meeting. Now you can adjust these settings on the main pre-joining screen, meaning you can now enter the meeting as smoothly as possible.  

Access files Offline on IOS 

The Teams app will now allow you to access files if you are offline or in a bad network condition area. Simply select the files you need to access, and Teams will keep a downloaded version to use for your mobile app. You will be able to find these files in the offline section of the app. 


There is now a drop-down menu for each contact with different calling options, for example, mobile number or office number. 

If your business is ready to enhance collaboration and productivity within the office or at home, reach out, and have a chat with one of our experts! 

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