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Microsoft Teams November Updates

December 8th, 2020

Teams is constantly improving the user experience by adding brand new features and adjusting to others. This month’s updates aim to improve Teams’ collaboration and meeting features to fuel remote work and create a smooth transition for when everyone starts getting back into the office.  


AI-based Noise Suppression 

This feature will help keep meetings on track with its AI noise suppression technology, keeping distractions to a minimum. The feature analyses your audio feed and filters out noise that isn’t speech, which can also be adjusted for noisier environments. This feature will be extremely helpful for employees working at home with noisy children or households as well as noisy office environments. 

New Together Mode Scenes 

Teams are adding more scenes to choose from, so you can pick the perfect virtual environment to suit your meeting.  



Powered by forms polls help create more engaging and productive meetings. As the meeting organiser you can prepare, launch, and evaluate polls, before, during, and after meetings. Attendees will be able to view the poll in a pop-up bubble or chat pane. To enable the feature the meeting organizer can simply add the forms app as a tab to the Teams meeting. 

Instant Meetings on Mobile 

You can now find the familiar Meet Now icon on the calendar tab as well as the Teams channel to help you connect with your team immediately. Once the meeting has begun you can use any messaging app to share or invite other participants to the meeting. Anyone who already has the Teams app downloaded and is in the channel can join without an invite. 

Updated layout for meeting on IOS 

There has been an improvement to the experience on IOS devices with a new presentation mode. This grants the ability to see more participants, the shared content, and a spotlighted participant concurrently. 


Call Merging 

While on a call, you may receive another incoming call that you want to merge with the one you are currently on. Teams now have the capability to call merge simply by clicking on the “…” option and selecting merge calls.  

Chat and Collaborate 

Pinned Posts 

Keep your most important information in an easy to access location with Teams. You can now pin messages in a channel to ensure they appear in the information pane for all members in the channel to see. 


Set Presence 

Let others know when you are available in Teams by managing your presence status. You are now able to change your status for a specific period of time. 

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