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Bringing Teams Home

November 26th, 2020

Microsoft Teams may be our number one tool for collaborating and efficiency when in the office, but with newly added features, we can now take it home as well. Microsoft Teams are aiming to make everyone’s lives simplerdriving communication in multiple different fields.  

Chat and Call friends and family right from your desktop 

Since remote work began earlier in the year, we are all spending significantly longer on our desktops and devices. Due to this rise, we often lose track of when work finishes and ends, disrupting worklife balance.  

Teams is trying to change that, with the addition of your personal Teams account to your desktop which can work side by side your work account. This will allow you to stay in touch with your family and friends through the same device, saving the time and effort of switching devices. Teams will automatically sync all your chats and calls from either device so you can catch up with your family on the go or from the comfort of your own home.  

Having staff that are refreshed and connected outside of work is extremely important to their performance. Supporting staff to achieve a healthy work-life balance can help create more productive and more efficient staff when workingIf staff feel like they are constantly working or don’t have time to catch up with people outside of work it can severely impact their performance and work burnout can occur. 

The Teams desktop and web app will have the following features:

-Personal chats with up to 250 people 

 -Seamless syncing of existing chats from phone to computer and visa versa 

 -Talk all day for free with friends and family via video or audio calls 

 -Share meeting invites with anyone even if they don’t have teams. 

 -Upload and share photos and videos to personal group chats. 

Chatting with people who don’t have Teams 

When starting a group chat with your friends or family, you shouldn’t have to worry whether they will miss your chats if they don’t have Teams. Simply type a contact’s name or phone number to add them to a group chat and if they are not on Teams, they can send and receive replies to the group via SMS. SMS participants will also get a link to download the Teams app on their phone making it easy to get started on Teams and take full advantage of rich media messaging and chat via GIFs, images, or videos. This will help keep your staff connected with not only friends and family but people outside the organisation who don’t currently use Teams.  


If your organisation would like to set up Microsoft Teams reach out below. 


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