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Reach for the Clouds

October 6th, 2020

Cloud Computing is not a new term, however, it has been top of mind for many business managers, especially during recent times. Covid-19 has accelerated remote working conditions and forced many organisations to make tough decisions on their IT infrastructure. Although some have already taken the step to a cloud-first approach, many are yet to take the leap. This is mostly due to the apparent stigma behind the cloud and how it may not be as trustworthy as a traditional, physical database, however, this is not true. 

The major issue behind in-house servers for information storage has been trying to keep systems up and running for long periods without downtime. Many issues can occur such as data loss, theft, or even environmental conditions that cause physical damage to on-premise servers which the cloud has been able to combat.   

How the cloud can accelerate your business:

Cost Savings  

Many organisations are worried about the initial cost of transferring to the cloud due to start-up costs. This has merit as the initial costs can be daunting, however, businesses need to think strategically and consider the overall return on investment instead. Once in the cloud, projects can be set up in no time, with easy access and no requirements to look after on-premise servers. The normal, payasyougo cost framework for cloud, ensures that you never pay for more than you need. These factors result in lower running costs and higher returns.  


Many organisations still have trust issues with the cloud’s overall security. One major positive of the cloud is that it becomes their dedicated job to ensure your data’s safety, which frees up the time of your in-house IT consultants to attend to other issues. Whilst many organisations trust their staff, one of the main breaches in security is internal data theft. When keeping data offsite it becomes nearly impossible for disgruntled staff to negatively impact your company’s data. In a recent study, 94% of businesses saw an improvement in their overall security after switching to the cloud and 91% said that the cloud makes it easier to meet government compliance requirements. The key to the cloud’s success is the encryption used by cloud hosting services which makes information less accessible by hackers or anyone unauthorized to view the content.  


Cloud computing allows for your team to collaborate in more ways than ever. Team members can view and share information easily across the secure cloud platform in just seconds. Some cloud services even make it possible to connect in social spaces to increase interest and engagement around collaborating.  


Loss Prevention   

If you are not investing in the cloud, then all your valuable data is tied to office computers and systems. If your hardware has an issue or experiences a problem, you risk losing all your data. A common issue occurs when computers break down, they become unusable and losthe data stored on the physical device. Without backing up the information onto another device, this information would be lost forever. The cloud, however, saves data offsite meaning that the information can be viewed on any device with the correct permissions are granted, meaning that even if a device breaks you won’t lose your data.  


These are just a few key points as to why a cloud option is your next step to increasing business productivity and security. If you want to have a chat with one of our experts about how the cloud could help you reach out below.  

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