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Zero Trust Security

September 22nd, 2020

Security has become a major focus in the IT industry, especially with the rapid uptake in technology whilst remote working. Security should always be a focus for organisations, as their data is just as important as the people that work there. If sensitive data is ever leaked or the organisation is breached it can have dire consequences to the business as we have seen in past examples. Therefore, in this current climate, it is integral to have the most advanced security measures to ensure your data is safe and secure and your daily operations will never be hindered.


The latest and greatest in security from Microsoft is the Zero Trust system. In a very simple manner Zero Trust teaches us to never trust and always verify. Every access request will need to be authenticated, authorised and encrypted before access is granted, regardless of where the request originates from or which resources it wants to access.

Overall Components


Verify and secure each identity with strong authentication across the entire digital landscape.

Ensure the appropriate devices are accessing the network and ensure compliance and health status before granting access.


Utilise telemetry to detect attacks and anomalies that can flag risky behaviour.

Ensures devices on an internal network aren’t just trusted by default. Zero Trust encrypts all internal communications and limits access by policy to ensure threat detection.


The idea behind Zero Trust is to have an enhanced security model that will be able to adapt to the complexity of the modern environment that embraces remote work. Zero Trust can empower your workers to work more securely on any device anywhere, with the risk mitigation and cloud migration endpoints required for modern technology.


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