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Let Jasco be part of your IT Team

September 8th, 2020

During times of uncertainty, your organisation needs to ensure it has all the bases covered it possibly can.  With technology becoming a major part in our remote working lives, it is integral that our technology environment is to date and free of any possible flaws.

Jasco wants to make sure you are never without your IT environment because downtime can be extremely costly for your organisation. We not only monitor your environment, but we also constantly manage and update your systems to ensure we don’t have to react to disaster, we can instead be one step ahead . The end result of our managed services at Jasco is that your IT environment is designed to perfection and runs smoothly without any worry on your end.


Jasco’s wide selection of cloud-based services are delivered with the offering of managed services, allowing our experts to manage these whilst you focus on your own business outcomes.

Why Jasco?

  • Jasco always offers you with a unique assigned account manager who is dedicated to improving your business.
  • Our leading expert are able to utilize the newest technologies to resolve and report on any issues you may have and proactively fix them to ensure your peak performance.
  • Offer dedicated M365 cloud account support
  • Have 24/7 IT help to ensure you are never left in the dark
  • Melbourne based location
  • Server management at a low cost
  • Data and Security support to ensure you never lose your precious data
  • Telehelp also avaliable to ensure efficiency

If you want to take the hassle away from you and make it our concern to keep your business running as efficently and effectively as possible, reach out below to get in touch with your very own dedicated account manager today.

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