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Microsoft Whiteboard Updates

August 18, 2020

Your meetings can be heavily impacted by how information is produced and perceived. Thus, using Microsoft Teams features like whiteboard collaborate can ensure your staff pay attention and learn content to the best of their ability. The whiteboard feature enables users to run effective meetings, brainstorm, plan and think creatively.

The new features included in this update will enhance your collaboration with your team.

Sticky Notes

Sticky Notes have been added to quickly add ideas and feedback onto the canvas. Having the ability to write down key points and ensure nothing is missed can be a great tool for communication.


Text objects can now be added which will help to structure the canvas and add agendas.

 Select and Move


You can now re-order objects when organizing your ideas ensuring your tasks and ideas are neat and tidy on the canvas.

  Improved performance

The whole app has been redesigned and rebuilt to ensure the fastest client ever.


Overall whiteboard will help your meetings flow and be more collaborative. Ensuring your employees ideas are heard can also help lift motivation and productivity.


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