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Remote Work Security Options

August 11, 2020

When working remotely, having strong security measures in place is essential to your staff and your entire organisation. Now more than ever, productivity and security when working from home are extremely important to the overall health of your organisation. Here are some security options you can adopt for remote work that will ensure your business is never left in the darkor threatened by any malicious activity. 

Set up Remote Apps 

Establishing identity management in the cloud is a great first step for enabling remote access. Microsoft Azure Active Directory allows you to manage authentication across all devices. Single sign on allows for your employees to have access to any device in the office whilst working remote. 

Protect from Anywhere 

-Multi-Factor authentication is one of the greatest security implementations to ensure that your staff are the ones logging in and not anyone else. MFA uses a two-device requirement for logging into certain apps or sign ins. As an example, if I was to log onto my pc from home it may ask for MFA and I would then receive a text message from Microsoft with a 6-digit pin to put in, I would then have to implement that number to grant access to the content. This will ensure the correct people have access to company data and no one from outside of the organisation can access the content. 


Extending Protection to Devices 

Manage devices from the cloud 
Microsoft Intune will allow you to manage both company-owned and employeeowned devices from the cloud.  You just need to simply set up your Intune subscription then add users and groups of users, assign licenses, deploy and protect apps, and set up device enrollment. Whether you are utilizing laptops, mobiles or tablets Intune will allow you to manage efficiencies and data protection. 


Creating conditional access policies 

 Azure AD Conditional Access is the Microsoft identity security policy hub. This program allows you to create Conditional Access policies according to user, device, application, and risk. Enforce controls that allow a device trying to access a specific resource only if it’s compliant. 

Phishing Protection 

-Phishing is one of the primary entry points for hackers to attempt to gain information and that is why Office 365 Advanced Threat Protection is there. The program allows you to set up antiphishing protections that will help protect employees from sophisticated attacks. 


Protect Endpoints 

-Microsoft Defender Advanced Threat Protection will enable you to take advantage of Threat and Vulnerability Management, attack surface reduction and auto investigation. These features require practically no effort to leverage and can have the greatest impact in helping to drive better security and improved efficiencies within your organisation. 

Control and manage cloud apps and resources 

-Remote workers will often have to access a numerous amount of business-critical cloud apps to perform their jobs correctly. Utilising Microsoft Cloud App Security will ensure employees are educated in accessing cloud resources through secure methods. 

If you require any advancements in your security, feel free to reach out below. 

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