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July Updates

August 4, 2020

With everyone working from home indefinitely, Microsoft Teams is consistently adapting the user experience to ensure users get the most out of the platform. We’ve put together the latest updates for Microsoft Teams to assist you and your team to work better together, even when you’re apart


New Multi-window and calling experiences

This is the foundation for pop out meetings and the new modes of together mode and large gallery view. This can be enabled through the settings in your profile by clicking on enable new meetings experience.

New Lobby settings

In this update a new lobby setting will be included for meetings which gives the meting host more control. Microsoft are adding an “only me” option for who can bypass the lobby, so that the organisaer can stay one step ahead during the meeting and prepare while everyone waits in the lobby.


Contextual Search

Find information extremely fast with the new contextual search feature. By utilizing the command ctrl+F you will be able to find anything you are looking for in that specific channel or chat with ease.


New File Sharing

Teams will be rolling out a new consistent file sharing experience that will allow you to utilize Onedrive, Outlook and Office. Soon, when creating a share file you will have the option to create a share link providing access to anyone you require or chose to share it with.

Channel info pane

Selecting the “Channel information” icon in the channel header will display summary information related to that channel including the description, a list of recent contributors and members, as well as system messages.


Yammer for Phone

Engage your employees with company-wide announcements and live events that they can access from anywhere. Stay connected to what’s happening in your communities, share knowledge across teams and departments, and crowdsource solutions and best practices at the edges of the organization. Yammer will now be automatically added to teams mobile if it is downloaded on a web or desktop client.


Time Clock

Employees will now be able to clock in or out from the web or desktop app as well as the original mobile experience. This will help suit more orgnasiations and offers a hybrid solution for workers that will create a easy experience to sign in and out.

Shifts Audit Logs

Provides IT admins a unified view and search functionality to monitor and keep track of activities. Staying on top of employees clocking in and out whilst making edits to shifts is crucial to ensure business runs as smoothly as possible.

New policy packages for Firstline Worker and Managers

Firstline Worker and Firstline Manager policy packages for Teams provide IT administrators with pre-defined policies and policy settings tailored for their entire Firstline Workforce. Policy packages simplify, centralize, and help provide consistency when managing policies for Firstline Workers and managers across your organization.


App version update

  • Support for video gallery-only layouts
  • Raise hand
  • Default speaker volume settings
  • Direct guest join for Cisco Webex meetings and devices
  • Auto-enrollment and device management from Teams Admin Center

There are many more features back of end and IT support within this update however these are the best bits. If you would like to learn more check out Microsoft’s website.
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