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June 30, 2020

The last few months have caused almost every organisation to change their ‘normal’ day to day operations. One of the key trends has been adapting to change in remote working conditions and businesses focusing on virtual meetings to reduce human contact. However, due to the volume increase of online meetings, teams are facing challenges with management, efficacy and engagement from their staff or clients. In an attempt to overcome these challenges, we have highlighted some popular apps that can be integrated into Microsoft Teams to help drive effective meeting and collaboration spaces.

Create Effective and well organized meetings with SoapBox

Meetings require more than just popping people into a together to discuss topics, it requires agenda preparation, clarity on objectives and a defined set of action items to ensure flow and continuity.

SoapBox can simplify the preparation and management process by allowing your team to build, collaborate and action team meeting agendas without leaving the workspace. This app can build agenda items, capture meeting minutes and monitor resolution of action items.


Reinforce teamwork by collaboratively adding items to a shared agenda, this means that each attendee is fully aligned and aware of the scope and objectives of the meeting. Teams notifications are surfaced each time agenda items are added, closed, and reminders are sent for upcoming meetings to ensure accountability across the team.

Effective Management

When your meeting commences you can tick off agenda items that you cover and any items not covered will automatically roll over into the next meeting series.

AI Integration

SoapBox can decipher the topics that your organisation discuss frequently and suggest questions and reading material that can help you prepare for future meetings.

Visual Communications

Engagement can be tricky to hold considering screens are taking the place of human contact. Prezi Video helps to address these challenges by letting you overlay visuals directly on screen next to you. By placing yourself next to your content you can create a natural human interaction with your audience which can make your meeting more impactful.

Human Connection

Meetings are most effective when attendees are engaged and connected with the presenter. If you remove the engagement by speaking behind material, you can lose human connection and begin to lose your audiences full attention. Attendees remain engaged through the live video meeting and can engage in real-time collaboration to create an effective presentation experience for the entire team.

Pre-Recorded Updates

When live meetings aren’t needed or aren’t feasible, you can create a quick video update to share directly in your Teams channel, helping your team stay up to date without interrupting their workflow with asynchronous communication. Easy integration of your must-have information and graphics into your video screen means that team members can share and discuss key data at a time that works best for them.

Balance your time and productivity

You can easily create simple videos with pre-made templates and high-quality images on Prezi and create impactful discussions around the content. You may also make your video and decide a meeting is no longer required if everyone just simply watches the video, saving everyone time.

Energize your meetings

Kahoot! is a game-based learning platform that makes it easy to create, share, and play learning challenges (kahoots). Whether it’s business-focused or for fun, you can gamify the meeting experience to increase the attention and engagement of staff. With its recent integration with Teams, meeting hosts can present live kahoots during meetings or assign self-paced challenges after meetings.

Results and Reporting

If you’d like to view data from the challenge, a report will be linked directly from the podium for the host to review – allowing you to see how your attendees have performed and to measure their level of engagement. Reporting for live games hosted via Teams are available by logging into your account on the kahoot website.

Microsoft Teams can help fuel your organisations engagement levels in meetings with these few apps. If you need help setting up Microsoft Teams for your organisation reach out to us below!

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