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Multi-Factor Authentication Cyber-Security

June 22, 2020

In the last few months, we have seen the global pandemic force companies all around the world to work from home. This created a new way of work, one that saw reduced security measures when employees were working outside the office environment. As of Friday the 19th of June, the Australian Government has announced that all Australian businesses and individuals should increase their cyber security measures after the government experienced their own cyber-attacks 

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison has said that all levels of government, and the private sector, are being targeted in a sophisticated cyber-attack. Following on, Defense Minister Linda Reynolds has advised that all Australians should aim to protect themselves and their businesses“It’s vital that all Australian organisations are alert to this threat, and take steps to protect their own networks,” Ms Reynolds said. Firstly, ensure web and email servers are fully updated and have the latest software. Secondly, use Multi-Factor Authentication to secure internet access, infrastructure and cloud-based platforms. Lastly, partner with the Australian Cyber Security Center for the latest on cyber threats.  

With all the spotlight put on cyber-securityJasco wants to help your IT team lighten the load and help create a safe and secure environment using Microsoft’s Multi-Factor Authentication 

Azure Multi Factor Authentication (MFA) can save your business the time and stress of malicious attacks with its highly secure remote access lock down. MFA helps protect your business with secure monitoring and machine-learning-based reports that can identify inconsistent login patterns. This allows for your business to have real time alerts to notify staff of suspicious account access attempts and stop malicious activityAzure MFA is then able to report fraudulent or un-expected logon attempts. 

MFA has multiple ways of safeguarding access to your data through different verification options such as phone calls, text messages and app notifications. All of which create a real time security measure to help protect your business regardless of the geographical location. 

Cyber security is an investment into your company’s business continuity and longevity, which at this current time in society is required. Jasco ensures their customers are safe and secure, minimising downtime so that your business can keep going and growing. 

If you need help with your cyber-security reach out below and one of our specialists can help future proof your organisation.

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