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Microsoft Teams Late May Updates

June 16th, 2020

Microsoft Teams continues to evolve and grow from feedback to create the best user platform it can. This month there was a reasonable amount of change with more education features hinted for the next update. Being able to utilise the many different features that Teams produces can cause your business to increase its productivity and collaborative capabilities.  These are just a few of the main features from this update that will impact the most amount of people.

Easily access meeting options 

There will now be a link directly to the lobby settings above the participants pane. Available in scheduled and “meet now” meetings. 

Participant Reports 

Meeting organisers are now able to download a full report on all the participants that joined and exited the meeting. It comes complete with entry and exit times to ensure people in the meeting are accounted for. 

Who can present? 

Tenant admins can now update their Teams meeting policies to allow for a new default selection when choosing who can present in new Teams meetings (everyone, people in my organization, specific people, or only me).  

Templates in Teams 

Create a new team even faster with a variety of templates for common team types your organisation might need. Options will include event management, crisis response, hospital ward and bank branch, just to name a few. Templates comes with pre-defined channels, apps, and guidance on how to utilize and customize it.  

Microsoft Lists in Teams  

Lists is your one stop shop for organisation and information tracking. They are super simple to use and are smart and flexible for different industries. You are also able to track issues, assets, routines, contacts, inventory and many more rules or alerts to keep your organisation in sync. 

Bigger Chats 

Group chats can now have 250 participants whilst different teams can now have up to 10,000 participants. 

Teams and Skype Interoperability 

Teams and Skype interoperability will empower collaboration with more partners, customers, and suppliers who depend on upon Skype for Consumer as their communication app. On either platform, customers will be able to discover users via email search, then chat or call using the audio/video features. 

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