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Take your Microsoft Teams meetings to the next level

June 9th, 2020

The ability to connect with people both inside and outside your organization 

Microsoft Teams Meetings makes becoming an open and inclusive workplace so easy with the ability to host both parties simultaneously. If you are organising a meeting with someone who is external to your business, you can simply include their email address and they will be sent an email invitation to the meeting. They can then click on the link, enter their name and join the meeting without having to download any applications, meaning no one will be left out by lack of technology. 


Don’t have access to the internet or just love your phone? 

No worries, every Teams meeting ensures participants can dial into a meeting. Whether they are on the go, don’t have access to internet or just love being on their phone, dial in conferencing is super easy and effective. Clients can simply see the dialin instructions on their meeting invitation and will be placed into the meeting with no need to remember any numbers. 


Control your meeting the way you want 

In Teams you can define attendees’ roles and permissions on the online meeting platform. You can create boundaries as to whom and when people are able to join the meetingand whether there is a pre meeting lobby to ensure all guests are present before the beginning. You can also designate who can present, mute attendees as well as start and stop recordings.


Never miss a meeting 

Let’s face it, you can’t be everywhere at once and there is always going to be a meeting that you miss that is unavoidable. However, with Microsoft Teams you can go back and watch the recorded meeting that is now living in “Microsoft Stream”. A link to Stream is usually posted after the meeting has concluded. This means you are able to re-watch the previous meeting, as well as search the meeting via their automated transcript for any important information involving you. 


Share what you want 

In Teams you are able to easily share your screen to show the attendees what you’ve been working onYou can choose to show your entire desktop or a content specific window. Not only this, anyone can request control of the shared screen to ensure the meeting never slows down and loses the interest of attendees.  


 Whiteboard Collaboration

Even though you may not be able to meet in person that doesn’t mean you can’t collaborate. With Microsoft Teams’ inbuilt whiteboard, team members are now able to collaborate and brainstorm with ease. Multiple participants can edit and design strategies, graphs or whatever your imagination can think of within the meeting space. Whiteboard sessions are always saved in the meeting and available to look at after the meeting is complete. 


Follow the conversation with ease 

For anyone who has ever struggled to hear during a meeting or who is hard of hearing, this one is for you. Teams ability to turn on live captioning creates an environment that is inclusive for everyone and means that no one will get left behind in the meeting. The feature is built for those hard of hearing, with varying levels of language proficiency and of course for loud locations. 


Take these tips to take your next Teams meeting to the next level. 

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