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Remote Working Productivity Tips

June 2nd, 2020

COVID-19 enforced multitudes of changes around the world, and drastically changed the way in which businesses operate. With many organisations electing to enforce remote work conditions, it is crucial that productivity continues when at home to ensure business continuityKeeping your staff productive has become crucial to the overall success of the business. 

Here are some helpful tips we have collated to assist with productivity levels when working remotely. 


Chat and instant message have become more important than ever, and the need for instant feedback is so crucial for change. Replacing workplace interaction, IM is a key to communication within the remote workplace. Having your staff active and unafraid to talk to each other will ensure premium communication and less downtime from other tasks. 

By using a program like Microsoft Teams, creating channels and private teams ensures all relevant persons have access to the relevant information. Using teams chat is useful for housing innovative ideas or valuable content for each division. However, keep staff on task and not distracted with these messages constantly, try to create a dedicated time slot where all ideas in the chat will be addressed in a designated time slot to ensure staff don’t check it unnecessarily throughout the week and waste time. 


Productivity comes from motivation and workplace morale, and in times like these its more important than ever to keep in touch with your staff to keep them happy and motivated. 

Organizing informal meetings amongst staff is a type of two-way communication that can substitute for a water cooler type conversation. At Jasco, we have organised two casual meetings during the isolation period. One being a work virtual lunch, where anyone can tune in and eat together, and the second is work drinks on Friday evenings to wind down. These informal meetings allow for staff to continue having those workplace relationships, even whilst at home.  Having these communication channels adds a sense of family nature or togetherness that they might be lacking working from home. 

Not only do informal meetings help to raise morale, but sometimes employees need to gain some praise and one simple way of this can be an employee recognition chat space. People can praise their colleagues for going above and beyond in order to make the employees feel valued and could in turn increase their morale and productivity. 


Use programs like Microsoft Teams to collaborate on files within your team can get work done both efficiently and effectively. Having multiple people able to look at figures can 
be super effective as well as keep people accountable for their work. Not only this but they can have face to face video calls whilst working through problems which substitutes for an office space, making employees not want to let down their teammates. 

 Overall having productive staff will help your business through this tough time.  

The world of capabilities within Microsoft Teams ensures they also reward themselves for being productivethis doesn’t mean slack off for half a day because they did good work in the morning, this means getting a slight rest in-between back to back meetings or calls to ensure you don’t burn yourself out too much. If staff get burnt out, they won’t have enough energy to have a work life balance and will overall be less productive.   

Remember that every organisation is different and it’s always good to see what works within your own organization, but these tips and tricks are examples of what we have used at Jasco, which have been extremely effective keeping staff in a productive mood.  


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