Power BI integration in Microsoft Teams

Power BI integration in Microsoft Teams

Power BI and Microsoft Teams are both powerful tools separately, but together they can help you create impressive results. Both you and your team can interact with your data in a visual format in Power BI right from your team’s site. This allows for increased collaboration and greater access to the embedded reports, creating more time to focus on your team’s priorities rather than searching for files or reports.


Adding a Power BI report as a tab in Teams is easy. First, you will need to click add a tab in your channel or chat and then select Power BI.

You will then need to create a Tab name and then select your Power BI workspace.
Lastly, make sure you click save.

If there are not any Power BI reports in the workspace, select Power BI to create a new one.

Remember, your team members will need the correct permissions to access the report in Power BI from your Teams tab. To grant the correct permissions, you will need to share your report or dashboard from Power BI.

First, select share from the top of the report or dashboard you would like your teammates to see. A share pane will then open where you can type the names and emails of the people you want to share your report with. Remember to click share at the bottom of the screen when you are finished.


Power BI in Teams is a great way to share dashboards, reports, datasets, etc. Not only will you see a visual of your latest progress, but also different data views related to your project. This leads to better reporting and overall improved team experience. Reach out for a free demo within Microsoft Teams.

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