How Microsoft Shifts has changed lives

How Microsoft Shifts has changed lives

Technology is at the core of day to day business operations. It is empowering employees across industries to be able to seamlessly integrate workflow processes, and complete tasks in an efficient and timely manner.

In typically mobile roles, or roles without workstations and computers, these employees historically have lacked a platform which could enhance organisational communication and collaboration with first line colleagues and management.

Microsoft has curated a great new shift scheduling, management and collaboration feature called “Shifts.” Microsoft Shifts has been added to Microsoft Teams, an all-in-one cloud collaboration tool that allows users to work together from anywhere, and at anytime, and removes the mundane, timely and repetitive tasks that come with rostering staff members.

Since its release, Jasco Consulting have been actively using Shifts amongst the Service Team, with Manager of Service Team, Ash, at the core of this transition.

Prior to the integration of Shifts, Ash spent hours a week on planning and organising the weekly roster for his team. These were the steps he would take to complete the roster:

1. Ash asks staff members to email through availabilities for the coming weeks

2. Ash manually enters the dates, times, and names into an Excel spreadsheet

3. Manually colour codes staff names, dates and times

4. Allocate roster times with staff member based on their availability

5. Upload Excel spreadsheet into SharePoint.

6. Email staff via Outlook to notify them of the roster update, and ask if any changes or shift swaps are necessary

7. These shift swaps and changes are emailed back

8. Ash would make these changes in the Excel spreadsheet

9. Email staff to confirm details of the changes.

10. Staff confirm these changes on the Excel Document

Now that Ash has Shifts, he can easily put together the weekly roster in a matter of minutes, not hours, and with a few steps, not ten. Shift swaps, requesting days off and other changes are also done within the one application. Not only has shifts cut the time spent on rostering in half, but it also allows the staff members to access the details of their shifts off any device, at any given time on the Microsoft Teams app.

This has completely transformed the way that Ash and his team communicate and work together seamlessly and efficiently.

By actively using and understanding Microsoft Teams alongside integrated apps, the Jasco team has an in-depth understanding with the innovative technology and can assist you to transition to Shifts within your company.

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