If products retained their code names ……

If products retained their code names ……

Alas, Honolulu is no more! In case you missed it – Honolulu was the evaluation code name for the web based management solution that aims to bring in a bunch of management tasks and consoles into a single ‘pane of glass’.

Apologies for the last part of that sentence. Not sure what came over me.

So now project Honolulu is no more and we have the ‘Windows Admin Center’. Now be nice – someone in marketing got paid a lot for coming up with that ingenious and imaginative name.But fun aside – there is some good stuff in this console, including Storage Spaces Direct cluster management (promptly letting me know there were some updates required before I could used this feature – it’s a test network OK – I’m a couple of weeks behind on updates!),

remote PowerShell, remote process management and also the Remote Management function for Windows works very well in this release!

There is also room for improvement.

I’d like to be able to set some of the advanced networking options like ‘Register this connection’s address in DNS’, some more Remote Desktop options to help over slow links and perhaps a pop out option for running multiple sessions at once, and maybe a big red button that is marked ‘make my server go faster’.

It doesn’t take much to figure out what this console is meant to do and why the Remote Desktop functionality is so lean in this release. Has anyone installed the 2016 semi-annual channel release (seriously I liked Current Branch better!) and found it’s only Windows core – or installed the 2019 technical preview core? Think of the opportunity around managing 80% of the day to day on multiple servers and clusters from a single console across multiple locations – and when the centralized cloud option (please, oh please Microsoft) comes along can you imaging the benefits of anywhere management!

And you know what? – it’s a pretty damn good go at taking those functions and putting them into a web management console.

Go take a look  https://cloudblogs.microsoft.com/windowsserver/2018/04/12/announcing-windows-admin-center-our-reimagined-management-experience . I’ll admit I was dubious at first but I’m excited about this and where it’s heading.

……almost as much as a smashed avocado on hash browns with poached eggs breakfast