Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection Secure Score

Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection Secure Score

As most of you are probably aware, the secure score dashboard expands your visibility into the overall security posture of your organisations. From this dashboard, you can access the security rating of your organisations, see areas that require attention, as well as any recommendations for actions that further reduces the attack surface in your organization – all in one place!

Secure Score

The Microsoft secure sore tile is reflective of the sum of all the windows defender security controls that are configured according to the recommended baseline and office 365 controls. It allows you to drill down into each portal for further analysis.  Each Windows defender security control contributes to 100 points to the score. in the example image, total points in Windows Security Control and Office 365 add up to 718. The closer to 1201, the higher your security rating.

Windows Defender Security Controls

The security controls tile shows a bar graph where each bar represents a windows defender security control. Each bar reflects the machines that are well configured, and those that require any kind of attention. Green means well figured and orange means that it needs attention.

Improvement Opportunities

Improve your score by taking the actions listed on this tile. The goal is to minimize the gap between the perfect score and the current score for each of these controls. The number beside the green triangle icon on each action represents the number of points you can gain if you take the action. When added together, the total number makes up the numerator in the fraction for each segment in the improvement opportunities title.

* Note: recommendations that do not display a green triangle icon are information, and no action is required.

Security Score over time

You can track the progression of your organisational security posture over time using this tile. It displays the overall and individual control scores in a historical trend line enabling you to see how taking the recommended actions can increase your overall security posture.