Convince the boss that you need Office 365

Convince the boss that you need Office 365

Here are some tips on how to try and convince your senior team that your workplace would benefit from Office365

  1. Access from anywhere, anytime

There is no need to VPN when you have Office365. Just like Gmail, you can login and access SharePoint and office 365 from any tablet, phone or desktop –  as long as you’re connected to the  internet.

  1. Security
    The first component of security lies in the safety and integrity of your data. This step relies on Microsoft. Things like server backups, data encryption, protection against hackers and malware are what matter here. There is no better security then that of Microsoft, and if your boss thinks that their business has created a more secure network and environment than Microsoft, then he/she is sitting on a goldmine.
    The second component of security is what you, as an organisation, are doing to assure the security of your own content. Just because the stuff is in the cloud, encrypted and backed up by Microsoft, this does not make it completely secure. That’s your job. I am talking about the basic features such as site security and administration, governance, external sharing, offline sync. Read more on security tips for Office365 here.
  1. Predictable costs

With SharePoint Online and Office 365, you pay per user per license. So the math is pretty simple. Multiply the number of users by the cost of a license, and that’s all you would need to pay. NO HIDDEN COSTS!

  1. You cannot beat the value

No other collaboration tool will offer you more bang for the buck. A suite of multiple applications, accessible on any device and at any time? Priceless!

  1. Gets better by the day

Just like a bottle of wine, Office 365 gets better by the day. Microsoft is constantly improving the functionality of the suite, allowing it to be more in tune with ever-changing requirements and reality.

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