What is the secret to workplace Success?

What is the secret to workplace Success?

The introduction of technology has completely altered the workplace. In the 20th Century, the workplace was a static place where employees were required to be physically present in order to access material or effectively communicate.  A study reporting that 77% of employees have greater productivity while working off-site with 30% accomplishing more in less time, highlights that there is now an emphasis on the ability to connect and work from anywhere, at any time – now more than ever before.

At the core of this digital transformation is real-time teamwork. Interaction, in combination with the ease of collaboration tools, challenges the way that people think, encouraging creativity and new ideas. In order to empower employees and enhance their collaboration experience, providing them with the right tools is essential.

If you haven’t figured it out by now, I’m going to let you in on the secret to success in the workplace… Teams!

Microsoft Teams, the chat based collaboration tool allows global, remote and dispersed teams with the ability to work together and share information via a common space. Providing a seamless communication platform means there is little to no miscommunication amongst employees as any issues can be addressed almost instantly and in real time, meaning work is completed faster. Since Teams was constructed around the idea of leveraging the maximum capability of Microsoft Graph, workgroups and teams have the ability to share insights, intelligence, and data anywhere within the Office 365 suite.

With significant enhancements to collaboration, teamwork and productivity within Office365, Teams is the future of communication within the office, and here are some more reasons how:

  1. Teams is the hub for teamwork within Office365
    Teams fulfills the collaboration and communication needs in a diverse workforce, including chat, meetings, voice and video. The look and feel of these functions is fast and fluid, has low overhead and is instantly familiar.
  2. Teams integrates with all the apps our employees use
    Teams integrates with Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote and SharePoint so that employees have the information and the tools that they need. Team members can also include other apps and services in their workspaces for the team and organisations. Teams allows the ability to customer workspaces with tabs, connectors and bots.
  3. Teams offers a complete meeting experience
    Teams modernises the entire meeting experience. Before a meeting, team members can review conversations; during a meeting, teams can share content and use audio conferencing and video. Teams support private and group meeting capabilities, scheduling capabilities, and free/busy calendar availability.
  4. Teams has integrated Security
    Teams comes with enterprise-grade security integrated with Office 365 Security and Compliance Center and Azure Active Directory.

Many organisations are making the shift to this type of space now. No matter what the final design is, the key for an effective workspace revolves around taking the focus from a physical presence in an office, and placing an emphasis on the delivery, productivity and trust.

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