Is this the beginning of the end ….. again?

Is this the beginning of the end ….. again?

Found this in the release notes for SCCM build 1802 today

“Deprecation announcement for Linux and Unix client support

Microsoft intends to deprecate the Linux and UNIX client support in System Center Configuration Manager roughly one year from now, such that the clients will not be included in the SCCM 1902 release in early calendar 2019. The Configuration Manager 1810 release, in late calendar 2018, will be the last release to include the Linux and UNIX clients, and they will be supported for the full lifecycle of Configuration Manager 1810. After Configuration Manager 1810, customers should consider Microsoft’s Operations Management Suite for managing Linux servers. OMS has extensive Linux support that in most cases exceed Configuration Manager functionality, including end-to-end patch management for Linux.”

I’ll be honest – most of what I manage in SCCM relates to Windows client computers and Windows Servers anyways.

OK, OK – I took the easy path. Just don’t delve too deeply in my past when Novell tried to replace its Netware kernel with SUSE Linux….. Yikes!

What is interesting about this is that Microsoft are pushing these across to OMS – the Operations Management Suite. If I was to try to summarise this down to a sentence I might say, “OMS is a cloud based solution that provides Log Analytics, Automation, Backup and Site Recovery capabilities to a collection of systems either on premises or in a cloud.”

Read the article – give me a score out of 10 for my summarization……

What I find really interesting is what is happening in the SCCM/Intune ‘battle for the planet’ at the moment. Talk of co-existence, moving service to Intune, SCCM Semi-Annual Channel releases giving us a raft of new features every release it seems, Intune Conditional Access (and the list goes on)……… and poor Linux – over there in OMS.

Don’t get me wrong. I really like what OMS can do for both servers and client computers but it seems like an odd break.

Are we treating Linux as a second class citizen? I don’t think so.

Have a look at the solutions available in OMS and you’ll see there is a LOT of capability to manage systems. Is this the first break between where we’ll manage client and server devices that form a trend for future management consoles? I’ve been wondering if we’re going to see a centralized approach to cloud based management in the future – right now it seems I’ve got great ideas all over the place with sooooo many different ways to manage them in soooo many different cloud consoles.

Linux management may be gone soon in SCCM – but will live on in OMS. For better or worse draw the line and see where Microsoft is heading. Shouldn’t be too hard to do before breakfast!