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Established in 1998, Jasco Consulting has been committed to guiding businesses by building, deploying and optimizing IT solutions that deliver value. Starting from a single product we have expanded into one of the nation’s strongest network, cloud, communications technology consultancy. We have – and continue to – proudly deliver more projects across complicated networks to improve value within businesses, small and large.

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Modern Workplace

Jasco’s selection of cloud services are delivered with the offering of managed services, allowing our experts to manage these whilst you focus on your business outcomes.

Cyber Security

Jasco has the experience and expertise to help you stay ahead of evolving threats. Our security services enable you to activate global intelligence, innovate without taking risk, and mature your program over time.

Managed Services

Jasco delivers managed IT services Melbourne businesses can rely on. We monitor and proactively manage critical IT systems, from the availability of your servers and network, through to any end-user problems that may arise.

"Jasco provides MedHealth staff with the premium support required to keep day to day operations running smoothly and also allow us to focus on growing and improving their business."

- Scott Boyer - IT Manager, MedHealth

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The difference between managed services and traditional ICT support is comparable to the difference between having a doctor monitoring your health and buying a box of bandages.

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