Microsoft Lync Server

Microsoft Lync 2010, the latest release of Office Communications Server and Communicator, is now available and takes collaboration and productivity to the next level by:

  • Providing a single platform that integrates the various modes of communication necessary for people and businesses to be productive. It does this for the end user via a single client experience, and on the back-end with a unified infrastructure and management experience. We knew that for customers to see real value, they would need to achieve cost savings that come from bringing this all together as well as a smart interface to encourage user adoption.
  • Enabling an extensible and open platform where corporate and professional developers around the world can work with Microsoft to provide customers with greater flexibility. Many developers are already reshaping their business models based on the Lync platform. For example, JASCO Consulting is launching messageLinx Server, which is for any business seeking to increase agility and responsiveness by automating manual communications and integrating line-of-business applications with Microsoft Lync 2010
  • Rounding out enterprise voice capabilities so that Lync can help the broadest set of customers reduce legacy infrastructure costs and enhance that infrastructure with an incredibly rich set of softphone capabilities. Employees are able to work more effectively from home, on the road, or in any number of evolving workplace scenarios.

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